Equity Crowdfunding 101

Equity Crowd Funding

We are happy to report that since being published in late January, Equity Crowdfunding 101 has been downloaded close to 1,000,000 times.   I am currently working with Oscar Joffre on another project. Stay tuned!

Howard Oliver, CEO, What If What Next


Equity Crowdfunding 101

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January 28, 2014 –NEW YORK, NY – Oscar A Jofre, CEO of BoardSuite (www.boardsuite.co) with the help of Howard Oliver, CEO What If What Next has released an ebook on equity crowdfunding.

Equity Crowdfunding is now becoming a reality around the globe.  Now is the time to get everyone involved and providing them the tools to understand equity crowdfunding.

The ebook, titled:  “Equity Crowdfunding 101, The Global Guide to a Financial Revolution”, was written for entrepreneurs, lawyers, accountants and consultants who want to raise capital via equity crowdfunding and are looking to get a basic understanding.

“On a daily basis I meet with entrepreneurs, equity portals, lawyers who want to learn about equity crowdfunding opportunities.  The constant in all my discussions is the need to provide a basic understanding of equity crowdfunding before I could assist them with their opportunity.  This is the first ebook in a series that will dig into equity crowdfunding around the globe”, said Oscar A Jofre, Founder, President/CEO BoardSuite.

To download the eBook for free click on this link below:

About the author
Oscar A Jofre was recently named top 100 crowdfunding thought leaders.  He is a member of CFIRA and is active in the equity crowdfunding sector.

About BoardSuite
Provided as a FREE SaaS-based service, BoardSuite enables management to manage, organize and share their corporate information securely.  BoardSuite enables management to manage their documents, calendaring, people, committees, contracts, capitalization table, and to communicate with and manage shareholders.

Building Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign


Consider these key components of your pre-launch kit:
– Your passion
– Project and campaign team
– Completeness of your governance
– Quality, uniqueness and originality of your company’s product , service or event
– Campaign video
– Pitch, text, content and pictures
– Social Media campaign
– Press releases and media kit

We have a completely evolved pre-launch kit that will be published shortly in a e-book we are writing on the world-wide Equity Crowdfunding movement. Click here to pre-order the e-book.