Equity Crowdfunding 101

Equity Crowd Funding

We are happy to report that since being published in late January, Equity Crowdfunding 101 has been downloaded close to 1,000,000 times.   I am currently working with Oscar Joffre on another project. Stay tuned!

Howard Oliver, CEO, What If What Next


Building Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign


Consider these key components of your pre-launch kit:
– Your passion
– Project and campaign team
– Completeness of your governance
– Quality, uniqueness and originality of your company’s product , service or event
– Campaign video
– Pitch, text, content and pictures
– Social Media campaign
– Press releases and media kit

We have a completely evolved pre-launch kit that will be published shortly in a e-book we are writing on the world-wide Equity Crowdfunding movement. Click here to pre-order the e-book.