Can You Trust Your Corporate Data to the Cloud?

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Notes on “What Is Cloud Computing?”

– Cloud computing is a computing model that lets you access software, server and storage resources over the Internet, in a self-service manner. It i s hiring a “customozable taxi” versus “leasing a car” versus buying a car (see the video below on this blog for more.
– Instead of having to buy, install, maintain and manage these resources on your own computer or device, you access and use them through a Web browser.
– Why “cloud” computing — why not Internet computing? Techies use cloud icons to represent the data centers, technologies, infrastructure and services that comprise the Internet — the metaphor works, but has its conceptual limitaitons.
– Perform just about any computing task in the cloud (e,g,, Intuit QuickBooks Online, Citrix GoToMeeting)
– With cloud applications you access them from your Web browser, but the software, processing power and storage reside in the cloud.
– Free Web services are in the cloud Google Gmail or Microsoft Hotmail, back up solutions, or FaceBook and Twitter.
– Managed services providers supply services such as network and security monitoring over the Internet.
– Another example is, which sells access to CPU cycles and storage as a service of its cloud infrastructure. What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing Plain and Simple