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We all want the 250% spike in leads that social media can deliver to businesses. The problem is that having one or even two full time employees to produce high quality content costs $$$$$… especially if you are not sure of what you need to do and you spend months writing random posts with zero results.

Every morning these potential leads don’t call and don’t submit your contact forms because you are not talking to them!

It seems like everyone is already doing great business using social media but you…

The learning curve just seems too risky with the current economy.

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Morning Muse: Building The Omni-Channel


With Omni-Channel marketing, customers can in real time interact and transact across multiple channels and touch points interchangeably. Socially connected, consumers move from one channel to another, expecting their stopping points to be “bookmarked”, allowing them to return through a different channel to finish browsing or make a purchase. Strategy: Facilitate each step of the customer journey to maximize customer value and minimize customer effort by allowing real-time switching between channels and touch points. Click here for an example.

Twitter In Canada and other developments

Twitter in Canada

Bell, Twitter partner in social analytics

Bell Media and micro blogging site Twitter yesterday announced a partnership that will involve research and analytics initiatives around social media and television viewing.

Statements from both companies indicate that the partnership will be around the analysis of social conversations gathered from Twitter which could be sold as marketing intelligence to media advertisers

Read more: http://www.itworldcanada.com/news/bell-twitter-partner-in-social-analytics-move/147201#ixzz2WZj1w8BH
or visit http://www.itworldcanada.com for more Canadian IT News

We are also following the opening of Twitter’s Canadian office. Keep an eye on Twitter’s analytics capabilities.  Large advertisers here and south of the boarder have moved to accelerate the integration of their broadcasting and Twitter feeds.

Insight. Inspiration. Impact.

Fast Company

Innovation is at the core of everything we do. Every day on our website, and in each issue of the magazine, we delve into the new ideas and radical creativity which are upending status quo in the business world; our mission is to determine how and why these changes matter.

At Innovation Uncensored, we turn this coverage into a real- world conversation, where the people on the pages come to you and share what they know. Surprising stats, smart techniques, best practices, true confessions—it’s not just the nuts and bolts of business; it’s the heart and soul. And that’s what makes this event different. It’s a two-day master class from the world’s most innovative companies.

Really like the the copy for this recent Fast Company event.

‘Customer Experience’ Roles Gaining Popularity

Over the past six years, Canadian and US companies have appointed a single executive to lead customer experience efforts across a business unit or the entire company, according to a new report by Forrester Research. Most customer experience leaders sit at high levels of power at businesses across a diverse range of industries, Forrester finds.

Titles used include: “chief customer officer (CCO),” “chief client officer,” and “chief experience officer.” I prefer the title “customer engagement officer” which is outcome based.

BMW Marketing Presentation

Chief Marketing Officer Points of Focus for 2012

Consider this check list:
1) Enhance your value proposition.
2) Listen to customers in new and creative ways.
3) Aggressively identify and pursue new opportunities for growth.
4) Create stronger relationships with key customers, suppliers and channel partnerships.
5) Capitalize on emerging markets.
6) Segment your customer base to focus more efforts on the most profitable target market. Don’t try to be everything to everyone.
7) Create quality content online – don’t sell, inform.
8) Increase your online marketing budget, especially social media.
9) Tap into mobile marketing as it grows.
10) Create targeted, local marketing campaigns.
11) Create greater perceived value by co-marketing with businesses that complement your services.