Dead Zone Times for Social Media Posting

Recent studies have identified the best times to post on social media platforms. It’s just as important to know when NOT to post. We came across this infographic highlighting the absolute worst times to post content.

Avoid These Social Media Dead Zones

What trends have you noticed?




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Facebook to Provide Free Photos for Businesses to Use in Ads

Blogs 1Your company web site might have a blog section for news, technical articles and marketing material. The question we want to ask in this article is; does that blog do enough for you?  We know that Warren Buffet has recently invested in local newspapers, believing in their viability and business model. We are suggesting that you consider that local media marketing idea by creating a free standing News and Information Blog.  The term is Social Media after all. With readily available technology, talent and information, you can have your own ‘media venue’ and treat it as a true profit center.

The best thing is that you control cost, editorial, timing and formats, providing a significant advantage over working with traditional trade magazines. You can also scale your growth to ensure effectiveness as you build. Here are some advantages to be gained.

Content is king. The more quality content your site contains, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to provide content to answer a visitor’s question or to help them make an informed decision about the product or service they visited your for.

Each new article is equivalent to a new page of website content and every page of your website is an opportunity to rank in search engines for one or more key terms.   Frequently producing high quality relevant content provides more opportunity to rank on search engine results pages.

If you frequently produce and publish high quality relevant content, visitors will want to share it and naturally generate the links, citations and the signals your website needs for link equity from search engines.

Search engines measure how long visitors stay on a page and website after clicking from the search results page. A well written blog article, providing information visitors are seeking, keeps visitors on the site longer and provides and opportunity to expose additional content to your them.

Committing to and publishing high quality content to a blog on a frequent  interval ensures that search engines will return to your site to get the index and include the latest content in the search engine data base.

Importantly, well-branded News and Information Blogs can build a stature that corporate web site blogs don’t ever. The third party nature builds credibility and dynamism. Our experience managing several blogs has shown us that opportunity dramatically.

How to get started?

Assemble a small team of inside and outside talent. Involve your channel partners and suppliers. Appoint one experienced champion-leader who will make things happen.  Impose expectations for close measurement and accountability. You are building a profit center after all.

Get the team to start thinking about who your communities are. Ask your sales folks who these people are, identify their hot buttons, and what they like to talk about.  Most importantly, what information can appear that will keep your company top of mind and help customers move through their buying cycles.

Develop a business and editorial plan to deliver timely well thought out content (i.e. written, audio, video, images, infographics, online conversations, contests, polls, interactions, webinars, live events, links to other social media platforms and more) to address the needs and wants of well defined targeted buyer personas and market scenarios. Plans must integrate with broader marketing programs.

To consider this idea more deeply, let’s talk.  We have several examples that will get your business mind and creative juices going!

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Ships Wheel

 A Master Class on Strategic Social Media Marketing and Sale Campaign Planning

with Howard Oliver, CEO, What If What Next

WebVoyaging® (a term coined by What If What Next™) is a social marketing engagement methodology that optimizes the deployment of cloud based, best-in-class marketing automation solutions. The WebVoyaging® process is inspired by the great visionaries who conceived of and built history’s great sailing vessels, which helped establish trade routes and created huge wealth. In the context of this workshop:

  • Media coverage
  • Web traffic
  • Alliance recruitment
  • Lead generation
  • Account acquisition

Iterative rounds of Web Voyaging® attract customers, engage in high quality comments/conversations, and establish inbound links from relevant social networking sites, discussion groups, blogs, and online media. Efforts that yield real traffic, online and sales. The workshop will help you sales and marketing team make WebVoyaging® a daily activity driving the success of your marketing campaigns. Envision an upward spiral of activity touching more and more stakeholder communities and target markets. Read more of this post

Imagine if your marketing campaigns were this agile?

Breaking News: Get better search engine rankings with Google+ now!

Google has changed its algorithm to favour the use of Google+. There is a lot of buzz around this story: 

Google launched a social network in June, dubbed Google+  that offers many of the capabilities available on Twitter and on Facebook.

With Tuesday’s changes to Google’s search engine, photos and posts from Google+ will increasingly appear within the search results.

The changes effectively create customized search results for people who are logged in to Google. A person who searches for the term “Hawaii,” for example, might find private photos that their friends have shared on Google+ as well as public information about the islands.

The shape of the web will be impacted and Twitter and Facebook may suffer as a result. Notwithstanding this controversy, you should jump on the Google+ bandwagon RIGHT NOW to get higher first page Google rankings.  Moving fast now will pay off in the coming weeks and beyond.  GET AGILE!

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