WebVoyaging® – Agile and Lean Social Media Marketing Campaigns

WebVoyaging® multifaceted Social Media Marketing campaigns create a field of exciting content, conversations and inbound marketing activity that draws attention and then invites action from partners, customers and the media.

The measurable outcomes achieved by WebVoyaging® campaigns include brand buzz, leads, alliance and partner development, sales funnel nurturing, media interest, web site optimization, higher page rankings, enriched social networking conversations, new market interactions and increased revenues. Our WebVoyaging® multifaceted social media marketing campaigns let you tune into the customers’ voice and build interactions to make the right choices to build new business.

WebVoyaging® campaigns deliver well thought out topics and opinions and posts them online to generate conversations. WebVoyaging® campaigns are all about taking your organization on a voyage to build trade routes on the Web. We use WebVoyaging® campaigns to apply an adventurous nautical capability to technology integration, marketing and enterprise creation. The WebVoyaging® campaign process was inspired by the great visionaries who conceived of and built history’s great sailing vessels which helped to establish trade routes, to create huge wealth and to advance mankind.

WebVoyaging® Social Media Marketing campaigns include advocacy (seeding new ideas with commercial and social value); the use of Web-based tools, services and work processes; media relations (gaining earned coverage in traditional and online media); and narrative content marketing (creating and delivering strategic stories). Custom content may include press releases, landing pages, articles, white papers, multimedia content, customer research, blog entries and Web content.

We have invested heavily in and have market tested the complex WebVoyaging® Social Media Marketing campaign process that involves a suite of marketing automation tools, an expert-level SEO/SMO team, and a superb group of talented writers. Our senior project management team deftly pulls all these resources together to consistently produce breakthrough results.

We are active with an ever-growing number of technology companies and other businesses and organizations who ask us to do WebVoyaging® campaigns on an ongoing basis. We are in a unique position to be a source of valuable business intelligence and serve as trusted counsel in social media marketing strategy and delivery.

To receive a detailed WebVoyaging® brand campaign plan specific to your company and its current market objectives, contact Howard Oliver at holiver@whatifwhatnext.com or 905-709-8582.

WebVoyaging® is a trademark of Howard Oliver, used under license by What If What Next™.

© 2010 What If What Next All Rights Reserved.


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