#ContentMarketing Metrics to Munch On


Millennials like #visualcontent

Visual content such as webinars (64%) and infographics (59%) are some of the most popular forms of content for Millennials. Several factors are driving the popularity of more visual content, including increased adoption of mobility and social media, which make content more accessible and “snackable.”

For B2B solutions, there are two common expectations that Millennial buyers have: Simplicity and speed. They seek case studies (73%) over any other content type, proving that they are looking for real-life examples and results from using particular solutions. Millennials are looking for the connection between a brand’s message and their specific wants and needs.

The search for a quick, reliable solution gives Millennial buyers leeway when making the final decision on what solution is the best fit. Millennial buyers are more inclined to go through a trial-and-error process when shopping for a solution, compared to older generations who are more likely to work with what they currently have in order to improve efficiency. This will create a step change in the way technology is sold in the future.

Millennial buyers leverage information available via digital channels to educate themselves on B2B services and solutions rather than interacting with anyone on a sales team. Millennials use their mobile technology to research their needs.

Source: http://www.demandgenreport.com/industry-topics/content-strategies/2785-reach-millennial-buyers-with-bite-sized-social-content.html#.U_KeB_m-2M4