Top Social Media for Technology Companies

Scanning what is being said recently about the use of social media campaigns by technology companies both large and small, we would propose the following list by order of importance:
– Industry Forums
– Company Blog
– Wikis
– Open Social Networks eg LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SlideShare
– Podcasts (Downloadable Media, Audio & Video)
– Ratings & Reviews (Digg, Delicious etc)
– Private Online Community Sites
– Virtual Trade Shows, Interactive or 3D Demonstrations

Things to think about:
– Use social monitoring tools to track your brand (
– Use a variety of social media in a deliberate focused campaign lasting 3 months
– Forums are important to pay attention to
– Reduce your trade show budget in favor of social media campaigns
– Technical buyers prefer collaborating on wikis and forums.
– Get your company’s key thinkers involved with wikis and blogs. Be warned – it takes effort to rope in contributors.
– Integrate your online ads with social media outreach to reach potential buyers and drive them to your landing pages.
– Identifying key buyer segments (or personas) and determine how these customers accomplish their purchase decision-making. Use the appropriate social media channels where your different vertical markets and persona’s prefer to hang out in.
– Content Engineering – great content generation tied to organic natural search optimization will build your sales funnel.


About Howard Oliver
The founder and CEO of What If What Next, Howard Oliver ( for more than 20 years has been an entrepreneur, writer, thought leader, PR Guru, business development strategist, technology evangelist, manager and consultant for numerous service, industrial and high technology companies. Howard provides leadership in the application of Agile and Lean project management methodologies for technology enabled social media marketing and PR campaigns that deliver revenue, customer and alliance engagement, and media buzz. Clients in technology and other industries recognize him as a driven, highly creative and disciplined thinker. He also created the WebVoyaging® brand, a market engagement methodology that optimizes the deployment of cloud based, best-in-class marketing automation solutions. The WebVoyaging® process is inspired by the great visionaries who conceived of and built history’s great sailing vessels, which helped establish trade routes and created huge wealth. An accomplished business educator, Howard has recently created the WebVoyaging® Master Class, a training program for organizations interested in implementing Lean marketing automation solutions. Howard holds an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University, and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University. Howard is an avid sailor and collector of books.

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    great post, this article is helping me so much, thx

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